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They say its current draft does not properly explain the pause.

At the heart of the row lie two questions: the extent to which temperatures will rise with carbon dioxide levels, as well as how much of the warming over the past 150 years – so far, just 0.8C – is down to human greenhouse gas emissions and how much is due to natural variability. US climate expert Professor Judith Curry said last night: ‘In fact, the uncertainty is getting bigger.

It’s now clear the models are way too sensitive to carbon dioxide.

I cannot see any basis for the IPCC increasing its confidence level.’She pointed to long-term cycles in ocean temperature, which have a huge influence on climate and suggest the world may be approaching a period similar to that from 1965 to 1975, when there was a clear cooling trend.

Since publication of the original version of this article, the US source of the figures – the NASA-funded National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) - was discovered to have made a huge error and then quietly corrected the figure without mentioning it.

Yet there is mounting evidence that Arctic ice levels are cyclical.

Bob Powell’s MAN in BLACK appeared mainly in short stories later in his run; early on, MIB ran at feature length.

This issue will showcase one of his earliest appearances (from All New #14), “Underground To Oblivion” GREEN LAMA rings in with a Jack Binder-drawn saga from his early Prize Comics run as he investigates some stolen Iriqouis artifacts.

Artists: Jack Cole, Bob Powell, Arturo & Louis Cazeneuve, Joe Maneely, Norman Maurer, Dan Zolnerowich, Maurice Gutwirth, Artie Saaf and Jack Binder. FROST, GREEN LAMA, SUPER=AMERICAN, MAN in BLACK, SPACE RANGERS, BLACK OWL and first-timers TAO ANWAR and COMMANDO RANGER!!

Cover artist: Jack Binder and Charles Sultan Synopsis: Old Friends and “New Faces” issue including never-previously-reprinted stories of BULLETMAN, MIDNIGHT, U. Art by Cole, Powell, Saaf, Maneely, Zolnerowich, Binder and other greats.

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