Cambodian teens sex

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Even as a kid Julie knew she wanted to help people. Each experience was heartbreaking, yet filled her with a sense of purpose.She remembers reading about Mother Theresa when she was 13-years old and deciding that she’d dedicate her life to helping others. Eventually, Julie decided to self-fund her return to Thailand, along with her son Ben, to volunteer at a home for children with HIV AIDS.

It does sound like a very dark space, but I can tell you that this home exudes so much love and the home was filled with some amazing and incredible people.” Child protection investigation While working in Thailand, Julie heard disturbing tales of the trafficking and exploitation of young women and girls.While she was proud of the work she was doing helping Cambodia’s young prostitutes, surely it made more sense to prevent their selling sex in the first place. With this in mind Julie and her husband Geoff went on to launch the charity Aus Cam Freedom Project.But Julie’s story reaches further back in time than a chance meeting with a teenage prostitute on a Cambodian street corner. She worked with the Australian Red Cross helping pregnant and homeless teenagers, and she volunteered in an orphanage in north-eastern Thailand.“How do you describe holding a baby or a small child in your arms as they take their final breath? “How do you describe loving a child knowing they were not going to live much longer?I think that six months I was at Agape was one of the hardest times of my life.

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