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It was the starting point for my trip to Colombia, and not only did it turned out to be a great and easy introduction to the country, it was one of my favourite spots overall.In fact, I liked it so much, that when I got a chance to pop in for a second stay, I jumped at the opportunity.That said, before you cruise on through, it’s worth spending a night or two to explore.Although not especially grand or vast, the old town of Santa Marta is very pleasant at night and is the best place for great food.Despite fronting the Caribbean, Cartagena’s beaches are lacking…Playa Blanca (translation: white beach) is a different matter and can be reached by day trip from Cartagena.On a budget: I stayed at El Viajero which was clean and well located within the old town – though if you’re not a party person, take ear plugs!For hotels: Here’s a list of the 10 best hotels in Cartagena (according to Trip Advisor).

I can particularly recommend Ouzo for great Mediterranean food when the chicken and rice options get too much.I’ll be honest, after two months in Colombia, I developed food depression – some sort of protein served with dry rice, solid beans and slimy salad doesn’t sate my appetite, particularly when you face the same stuff day after day. From glorious local food to high-end bistro options to delicious street food, Cartagena is a world apart when it comes to Colombian dining.My favourite places: The beaches in Cartagena are sadly a disappointing shade of dull brown.Only 10 minutes by taxi from Santa Marta, you can satisfy your curiosity without having to bunk down there.El Mirador – a club overlooking the bay – is a favourite party spot.

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