Entourage not updating exchange mailbox emmanuelle chriqui dating 2016

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I would like to delete those items that are older than a certain number of days.

-- bill Entourage Help Page cache, but does that mean delete all the mail ect) The local store for all Exchange items is deleted and ENtourage has to get them (fresh) from the server.

The real “problem” here is that you’ve picked perhaps one of the most dangerous ways to manage your email under construction that I can imagine.

I have a strong aversion to just minimizing windows to “save” a work in progress.

--B_3342384925_2937958 Content-type: text/plain; charset="ISO-8859-1" Content-transfer-encoding: 8bit I use this for my school since I am dealing with mostly windows junkies, I have learned to deal with word and Power Point again. Quote Updates My 2003 Money program does not automatically update stock prices of my investments.

I had gotten used to using several other applications, including thunderbird, and was used to being able to view the messages in a threaded format. In fact when I "manually" do it, no updates appear.

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