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Especially apples at 2gold/per profit you can make your first 500 500 quickly. Tough fights - make sure you`re hitting their Legs/Armor on first couple rounds to make the whole fight easier. Seems almost impossible/pointless but the game is kind of fun - I would play a similar game without the sex.The mechanics of the fights are fun, take a little strategy. Probably one of the best flash erotic fantasy RPGs out there Pros: - Very good graphics (as per LOP in general) - Good RPG system (it makes sense in the world presented) - Decent choice of female characters to encounter - Good humor (most of the time) Cons: - At times (if you are unlucky especially) it requires a lot of time to "grind" exp/money - Endings in general feel disappointing This game was really fun.There`s the merchant, the courtesan, the bard, the dancer. Defeating final character to win princess gives level 8. Still I don`t know if getting Level 10 is worth it. I agree with Stathis: When will Kelly get her next story for the Kelly adventures?

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Could have done with less ambushes on the journeys, but overall, the models, scenery, and animations were beautiful as always. Something wrong : the scenes aren`t really well made. I especially like the various scenes you can unlock.

For your next RPG, you should definitely add more of these interactive acts, I would have loved to bang the fiance after killing her knight or get intimate with some of the female thugs after the fight.

very good game and great story and great ladys and so sexy and great to fuck would like to fuck the princess good after u finsh the coquest for her but great tho and sexy fucks of lady and finshed it all Good game.

I just dislike the idea of grinding to level up, but it`s worth all the effort when you get every upgrade.

LOP i really enjoyed the animation controls of this game however, this game wont make it to my favorites list...

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