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Considering he was involved in cheerleading for a number of years, why would anyone be surprised that he had a number of good looking female friends.

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I can't get why is trying to pretend to be gay when he is bisexual.

The comments from Rusty Stevens don't make much sense in the context of other performers who've done bareback and gone onto more mainstream condom features: Leo Giamani did quite a bit of bareback for Jake Cruise, as did Patrick Bateman, and they were pretty ubiquitous on condom only sites/studios after their barebacking films.

Ditto that guy with the hideous chest/arm tattoo, who is now working for Raging Stallion.

Matthew Rush = Greg Grove He is on Facebook with that name.

I enjoy watching Matthew/Greg in the "making of videos" accompanying his films; there is a sweetness about him. Anyway having watched the interview with Rush within the making of special on the newly-released "Chi-Chi La Rue's Playing With Fire" dvd, I also realized last night "off-screen" he comes across as the gayest ornament on the Christmas Tree. Jean Val Jean real name is Emmanuel Del Cour (Currently a contestant on a cooking show)Leo Giamani's real name is Rob Foresta. By the way, how many pron stars have used their real names? Don't know the real name so I can't get any details on his weird death accept from Dink Flamingo whom I don't trust.

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