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One would find it difficult to argue that Chomsky’s did not contribute to political thought.

The Indian intellectual/academic with left-wing affiliations, it would seem, has identified ‘interrogation’ entirely with agitation and protest at the street level (against nebulous issues like ‘intolerance’) and this has been aggravated under the NDA, since the political left has essentialised it as ‘fascist’.

It is because not enough attention has been paid to the creation of validated knowledge about India that universities in the US are more trusted; Indian philanthropists would rather fund institutions like Harvard to build such knowledge than Indian universities.

The term ‘intellectual’ has come to acquire pejorative implications to the rank and file of Hindutva because of the perceived left-wing bias in most intellectuals; but, as already suggested, this is because left-wing thought is able to draw upon a multitude of theoretical streams that Hindutva has no access to.

An intellectual is not simply someone who undertakes intellectual activity — however profound — but one who engages deeply with societal issues to understand them and make their complexities widely understood.

An intellectual is also someone able to draw abstract conclusions from social experience.

This moral duty, however, is secondary to the primary one — creating valid knowledge.

I would also suggest that an intellectual who ‘interrogates’ is also adding to knowledge — for instance, Noam Chomsky, Edward Said and Michel Foucault, whose interrogative roles are intimately associated with their intellectual endeavours.

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The Penrose Park Trust manages the facility, drawing funding from the NSW Government.While the BJP still professes Hindu nationalism as its ideology, it is also a fact that when the NDA came to power in 2014 it did not rely on a Hindu platform, but that of ‘development’.By all evidence, its phenomenal popularity since then has not rested on promises to build temples but the public sensing that its leader Narendra Modi is the strongest India has had.As an illustration, Charles Darwin’s work had enormous public implications of a kind that most biology — which is removed from public view — does not have any longer.The 'Intellectual', the Right, and the Left If the term ‘intellectual’ is innocently associated with the left, it is because of the complex intellectual tradition associated with left-wing thought.

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