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They are: If you are after more info about accessing Pr EP, a ‘ Pr EP Access Factsheet’ is available through the HIV Foundation Queensland website.Recently Republican presidential candidates have been tripping over themselves to make extreme statements on women’s health — with every single leading candidate taking the unpopular position that they would block Planned Parenthood’s health centers from receiving federal funds, and Carly Fiorina, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz pushing for Congress to shut down the government over providing basic reproductive health care to Planned Parenthood’s millions of patients across the country.Rick Santorum has been clear in the past that he is ideologically opposed to contraception, and pushes for abstinence only programs instead of evidence-based sex education.However, his recent statements have also made clear that he may need a little help fully understanding the way contraception works.

Family planning services available through Medicaid and Title X of the U. Public Health Service Act help women prevent 2 million unintended pregnancies each year.This is a whole new approach to HIV prevention, as HIV transmission could be substantially reduced if HIV negative persons most at risk of acquiring HIV are offered Pr EP to prevent becoming HIV positive.Pr EP is therefore a further prevention strategy for people undertaking high risk behaviour to use in combination with already existing prevention strategies and provides another option for an HIV negative person to protect themselves.But with candidates vying to win an extraordinarily crowded primary race, some have swung so far to the right, they’ve ventured into the flat-out medically impossible.It looks like the Republican presidential field is in need of a sex education lesson of their own.

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