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"Cyborg" immediately stalked Lansberg across the Octagon and locked her up in the clinch where the Brazilian started blasting away with knees to the body.

Lansberg did her best to hold onto Justino’s arms to negate as much damage as possible, but she couldn’t do much offensively while fending off her opponent’s potent attack.

Gurland's semi-autobiographical series begins its second season Thursday at p.m.

Another thing we're focusing on is adult friendships. The greatest compliment I ever get is when people say it feels like you have hidden cameras in our house. When I was a kid and I would go to the movies, there were so many different ways in which you're wowed.

What else can you tell viewers about the coming season? In one episode, he becomes committed to trying to get a webcam girl off the cam.

Even though Russ and Lina don't have to face the same economic challenges, because they're both working so much, that creates a new obstacle for intimacy. He's writing a children's book about addiction -- just doing a lot of fun stuff.

How does he handle that, given his tendency to be so self-involved? That episode "Aftershocks" [episode two] and how he handles [Lina's 40th birthday party], the romantic-comedy elements of that, there's a lot more of that this season.

I'm a huge romantic comedy fan, so we have a couple of big episodes like that this season.

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