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Now that you have the list of name servers hosting your managed zone, you should update the NS records for your domain with your registrar.

You will typically provide at least two name servers.

After you migrate your email to AOL Mail, follow the steps below to update your password settings.Locate your email account from the list on the left of the "Account Settings" window.After you create a managed zone, you can change the name servers that are associated with your domain registration to point to the Google Cloud DNS name servers.Updates for Xen Server are supplied as files with the file extension .xsupdate (or .xsoem for embedded servers running older versions of Xen Server).You must always update all of the servers in a pool at the same time; running a mixed pool of updated and non-updated servers for general operation is NOT supported as communications between the servers in the pool may be interrupted or may not work as expected.

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