Translation of pagdating ng panahon

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In recognition of their valor, we have crafted a program to provide them with comprehensive social assistance, including financial, should they meet harm in the performance of their duty. Gusto mo ganito ang pangyayari, tutal sobra-sobra naman ‘yang pera ninyo, 'adre, sa totoo lang. You know, ‘pag newspaper ka you are supposed to be 100 percent Filipino. Alam mo ‘yung martial law, I am not so much endeavored diyan sabihin ninyo na hindi ninyo ibigay? For the family left behind by those who fell or are rendered totally disabled in the line of duty, we shall provide shelter, health care assistance, education, and employment. To decisively address insurgency and terrorism, we are working doubly hard towards [achieving] a stronger and more credible national defense system for the country. Mayor ako eh, I can look at your corporate earnings, your sister company, I can pierce the corporate identity, kayo rin pala. And yet when you start to pierce their identity, it is pala fully owned by Americans. It’s just a matter of piercing the…So wala masyado ako… Have you tried to pierce your identity and it will lead you to America? And yet the Constitution requires you to be 100 percent – media – Filipino. I have learned from my experience in Davao City that investor confidence [is] bolstered and fortified only if a potent force and mechanism for protection of local and foreign investments are in place. We are a small group of islands, hindi naman marami. Kung ganun mo na lang ‘yung – embrace mo ‘yung apo mo sa pangalawang asawa. Believe me, your failure to do so will be your undoing and eventual ruin. We have seen the terrible toll that Super typhoon Yolanda and the succeeding typhoons exacted in terms of human life and property. If you want to criticize, criticize, condemn the act, stop there. Then you find an event where you can talk about human rights and due process, but do not talk about it in the same time when there is a carnage and you begin to blabber, talk about human rights. After the settlement, Mighty will no longer engage in the tobacco business. It will produce a windfall for government, which is significant since we have face the unexpected costs of rebuilding Marawi and Ormoc.I do not intend to loosen the leash in the campaign or lose the fight against illegal drugs. The coastal, marami ‘yan kasi marami paikot-ikot, but we are in a contiguous territory, maliit lang tayo. By this time kung walang upheaval, no regeneration will occur, we are almost like talagang ginaganun natin ang – maliit na lang ang makuha nila. To our employees and officials of the LGUs tasked with monitoring these mining operations within their territorial jurisdictions, do your job without fear or favor. And we still have to recover from the beating that we got both during and in the aftermath of those mega-typhoons. But do not give the excuse or do not make it trivial by saying human rights at least we’ll be protected... The acceptance of the tax settlement offer does not preclude other criminal charges against the company that the BIR may decide to file.

In more than two hours, the President vowed that his administration's war on drugs would remain "unrelenting," dismissed human rights campaigns by "white" advocates, told the United States to return Leyte's historic bells from World War II, warned uncooperative mining firms, attacked the media, criticized the Left with which he scrapped peace negotiations, and complained about temporary restraining orders issued by the Supreme Court being "the bane of our inefficiency."There were issues he mentioned in his campaign and in his first SONA that he either skipped or barely mentioned in this year's speech, such as the shift to federalism and his administration's infrastructure program. Iyong EDSA na iyan, traffic obstructions and undisciplined drivers who stop in the middle of the road, and unsanctioned barriers in some areas.Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III and the members of the Senate; Pantaleon Alvarez, the Speaker and the members of the House of Representatives; Vice President Maria Leonor Robredo; Former Presidents Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada, and former President Gloria Arroyo; Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno of the Supreme Court and the members of courts; Archbishop Pinto and the distinguished guests of the diplomatic corps; Secretary Salvador Medialdea and the members of the Cabinet; my fellow workers in government; my countrymen. Pero me, I have not authorized my Cabinet member to utilize the low plate. Last May 31, 2017, we achieved the first step towards more equitable taxes to fund better services for the people. These reforms are designed to be pro-poor, especially when the people understand how the revenues will be spent.When I took my oath of office a year or so ago, I knew that our country was reeling from a multitude of problems. I commend the House of Representatives for heeding my urgent certification of the tax reform by passing the first of five packages of the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program with an overwhelming 246 votes, representing almost 9 percent of the Filipino people. The passage of the Tax Reform Law is needed to fund the proposed 2018 budget which I am submitting here and today.The battle of Marawi has dealt a terrible blow to our quest for peace especially now that an alien ideology and a radical shift in purpose have been injected into the local setting. As a matter of fact, mas gusto kong barilin ako doon sa likod. Nevertheless, let us work together and lay a new foundation upon which a better Philippines can be reconstructed. Let me end by wishing everyone in the language of the old: “May God Keep us forever sheltered in the hollow of His hand.” Salamat.At the same time, the government would be adequately equipped with the constitutional tool not only to prevent the escape of rebels who can easily mingle and pretend to be civilian evacuees only to re-group in another place to fight another day, but also to prevent them from spreading their gospel of hate and violence in the rest of Mindanao. If it is not acceptable to the normal of civilian conduct, then I am sorry because I am not fighting a civilian war, I am stopping violence and rebellion. Eh hindi masyado ako itong bilib itong trabahong ito?

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